Siana Bangura joins the Sassy Tees team as Creative Director

We’re starting the new year strong at SB HQ.

We are thrilled to finally share that Siana will be joining lifestyle and fashion brand, Sassy Tees, as their new Creative Director, alongside founder and CEO Barbara Ntumy. Known for her quirky and vintage-inspired wardrobe, as well as her political and creative work, Siana will be entering the world of fashion and continuing the great work Sassy Tees has been doing over the years, fusing popular culture with all things political and enshrining it in clothing, homeware, and accessories.

Sassy Tees is a lifestyle brand founded in 2015 by political activist and pan-Africanist Barbara Ntumy. Hailing from Accra, Ghana, and becoming a leading voice in the British student movement, Barbara founded Sassy Tees to encourage people to express their politics, cultural identity and love of pop culture, as well as to pay homage to the achievements of those who have come before us. The brand has worked with a variety of different community-based organisations in the past including Kilombo UK, Afrokanist Magazine, NUS Women’s Campaign, NUS Black Students’ Campaign, No Fly on The WALL & TRiBE.

In the announcement post, originally published on the Sassy Tees website, Siana says:

‘I hope in my new role as Creative Director I can add to and amplify the brilliant work of Sassy Tees. We aim to become more of a lifestyle brand – your stylish best friend who is on the pulse of popular culture, unafraid to speak their mind, bold in their support of progressive radical meaningful politics and happy to clapback at anybody who has an issue with that.

‘Keep an eye out for new collections, collaborations with influencers, events, look-books and a revived blog too. ‘
Read Siana’s full announcement post here:
Siana Bangura

Siana Bangura is a writer, poet, performer and producer hailing from South East London. She is the author of critically acclaimed debut collection, 'Elephant', a book of poetry meditating on Black British womanhood and life growing up in London and the founder and former editor of No Fly on the WALL. Siana is the producer of '1500 & Counting', a documentary film investigating deaths in custody in the UK. With experience in indie publishing, journalism, and campaigns under her belt, Siana’s wide portfolio of work focuses on bringing voices on the margins to the centre. To find out more about Siana's work visit: And catch her tweeting at @Sianaarrgh