Fringe Frequency: Watch Siana Bangura’s short film ‘Denim’ about London’s displaced communities

Check Out Fringe Frequency’s feature of Siana’s new film ‘Denim’!

Titled ‘Denim’, Bangura has combined film, poetry and music to show what happens when a city, like London, changes, and those who built communities, and gave regions their identity, are left behind.

Bangura pulls no punches in her criticism of food chains, property barons and the appropriation of black culture, which has contributed to the displacement of residents of Southwark, Lewisham, Hackney, and many other London boroughs in recent years.

Filmed and edited by Susuana Amoah, the film features vocals by singer-songwriter, Nia Ekanem, and Maya Bangura as Younger Siana.

The poet describes the film as “simultaneously a personal trip down memory lane, a documentation of a changing city, and a social commentary”.

Read the full feature HERE.

And watch ‘Denim’ below:

Siana Bangura

I'm Siana. And the world is my oyster.