Black Blossoms Giveaway – TEN SIGNED COPIES of ‘Elephant’!

Our friends at Black Blossoms are helping us celebrate a year of ‘Elephant’ by giving away TEN FREE SIGNED copies of the collection. All you have to do is tweet or send a pic via Instagram and caption it with when you realised you had ‘blossomed’. When did your life turn around for the better? When did you become a better version of yourself? What is your greatest achievement thus far? What’s been your biggest milestone? Let us know how you have blossomed over the last year using the #IHaveBlossomed hashtag . Follow @black_blossoms_ on Instagram, @blackblossomss on Twitter @AND @sianaarrgh on Instagram and Twitter for more information and to take part.

We look forward to reading your wonderful stories!

Siana Bangura

I'm Siana. And the world is my oyster.