Bookseller Feature: ‘5 things inspiring poet, publisher and activist Siana Bangura right now’

Siana caught up with Molly Flatt at the Bookseller to discuss the things that are currently inspiring her to live, think and work differently, including gadgets, platforms, books and people.

Design - bookseller interviewFreedom is a constant struggle

On Books: ‘Freedom Is a Constant Struggle, by Angela Davis. This book is a stunning collection of essays, interviews and ideas by one of the most important people who ever lived. Angela Davis is an academic, activist, writer and philosopher and her words have revived my energies in terms of working towards a better society. She reminded me that all struggles are connected and we must think globally, not just locally, and move past individualism and strive for community. I’ve read this book several times and have highlighted its pages, made notes, and I carry it with me most days to dip in and out of.’

On Ideas: ‘It’s an idea I know well – that creativity is bottomless, borderless, and only limited by one’s own capacity to imagine and dream. Think about all the creations we now enjoy in our everyday lives and take for granted such as the Internet, the way we travel, gadgets, platforms, and things like that we use daily – there was a time we didn’t have those, and while someone was able to see into the future and move beyond what they already knew, there were surely others saying it could never be. I’d like to think I’m often pushing the boundaries of my creativity and that I’m hungry to learn new skills, create more interesting art, dive into other genres and mediums, find new ways to say the same things, and develop innovative ways to engage audiences in new conversations.’

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Siana Bangura

Siana Bangura is a writer, poet, performer and producer hailing from South East London. She is the author of critically acclaimed debut collection, 'Elephant', a book of poetry meditating on Black British womanhood and life growing up in London and the founder and former editor of No Fly on the WALL. Siana is the producer of '1500 & Counting', a documentary film investigating deaths in custody in the UK. With experience in indie publishing, journalism, and campaigns under her belt, Siana’s wide portfolio of work focuses on bringing voices on the margins to the centre. To find out more about Siana's work visit: And catch her tweeting at @Sianaarrgh