‘Still I Rise’: Poetry as the lifeblood of rebellion for Black Women (Workshop)

“Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness.” – Alice Walker

Throughout history, writers have used their words as a form of resistance. Black women and women of colour especially have used poetry and other oral traditions to challenge authority, amplify their voices, and speak truth to power.

In the first of this year’s series of writing workshops from the Haus of Liberated Reading, writer, poet, and performer Siana Bangura will facilitate this two-hour masterclass in resistance. Why is poetry the preferred mode of transport for messages of dissent? How have black women used poetry to forge new narratives and disrupt reductive stereotypes of who and what they are? How has writing been a source of comfort for oppressed and marginalised voices and how have those voices used language to subvert the status quo?

The session will start with an overview and examples of how some of the very marginalised in a society have used writing as a form of protest in Britain, the USA and South Africa. The session will then focus on attendees writing their own works of resistance. They will receive constructive feedback on their pieces from their peers and the facilitator. The class will finish with performances from attendees, with a focus on confidence building. Attendees are encouraged to bring along writing they are already working on or have wanted to work on for some time. You are also encouraged to bring along your own examples of Black female poets and writers whose work has inspired you in some way to share in the workshop.

Please bring something to write with and on as pens and paper will not be provided. Laptops are welcome if that is your preferred way to create.

This workshop is open to ALL but please be respectful and mindful of the focus of the workshop and its aims: to centre the voices and work of Black female writers in the sphere of resistance writing.

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Siana Bangura

Siana Bangura is a writer, poet, performer and producer hailing from South East London. She is the author of critically acclaimed debut collection, 'Elephant', a book of poetry meditating on Black British womanhood and life growing up in London and the founder and former editor of No Fly on the WALL. Siana is the producer of '1500 & Counting', a documentary film investigating deaths in custody in the UK. With experience in indie publishing, journalism, and campaigns under her belt, Siana’s wide portfolio of work focuses on bringing voices on the margins to the centre. To find out more about Siana's work visit: www.sianabangura.com And catch her tweeting at @Sianaarrgh