The London Poet Celebrating Black Britishness

“Politics affects everything; the price of your drink, who is going to see you when you go to a doctor, what you are learning about at school. So, I learnt a long time ago that the personal is political. Everything I do, mainly looks at the intersection between race and gender, is informed by me feeling shut down by society and reduced to dismissive stereotypes. What has happened to my identity is that my identity as a black woman is political: from the shade of my skin, the way that I speak and especially my hair… it is treated as all political, I have accepted that. But, I want to be at the forefront of that discussion. When you are a politicised being, own it whenever you can, take claim and reclaim your narrative.” – Siana Bangura

Read the full interview in DAZED here.

Photography by Adama Jalloh.


Siana Bangura

I'm Siana. And the world is my oyster.