Siana Bangura is an Inclusivity Consultant, Communications Expert, Creative Producer and Digital Content Creator. Specialising in highlighting the voices and work of underrepresented demographics especially, her work over the last four years has focused on bringing those on the margins to the centre.

Bangura is a community organiser, writer, and social commentator particularly focused on the intersections of race, gender, and class in Britain and across the Diaspora. Her work and analysis have featured in mainstream media including the Guardian, the Times, Buzzfeed, Channel 4, BBC Newsnight, London Live, Keo Films, Sky News, OH TV, and across alternative platforms such as Media Diversified – featuring in their Experts Directory; Black Ballad; Consented UK; The Green European Journal; and Ladybeard Magazine to name just a few. She has spoken on panels organised by Hachette UK, Pinsent Masons, Houses of Parliament, and Lloyds; and has delivered keynote speeches at Jacobs University, Bremen; University of Oxford; University of Cambridge; Warwick University; SOAS; and has given a Ted x Talk at the University of St. Andrews.

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Siana has spoken in Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as across universities and institutions in England on the need for meaningful representation and diversity of voices in the media, the arts, publishing, academia, education, politics, and other spheres of influence. Siana is one of the UK’s leading millennial voices on diversity, race, and intersectionality.

Her experience as a freelance journalist, creative practitioner, content creator, campaigns officer, and producer have enabled her to offer valuable insight to a range of organisations. Are you in need of a social media savvy communications expert to help your brand reach a wider, more engaged audience? Do you need great written content created for your online platform? Are you interested in evaluating the impact your work has had on your target audience? Is your Marketing & PR strategy lacking in creativity – do you need assistance ‘thinking outside the box’ and making the most of non-traditional modes of communication? Do you need help reshaping and refreshing your brand identity? Does your organisation need a board of young decision makers and ambassadors to help refine and share your message?

Look no further.

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