Highlights and selected press:


‘On Elephant, Parapets, and Re-imagining the Status Quo’: Ted Talk

‘Denim’: A short film exploring gentrification, by Siana Bangura

‘Never be just a fly on the WALL’: The story of No Fly on the WALL
Jacobs University, 2015, Bremen, Germany
Kicking the Kyriarchy: Episode on Race


October 2017: Black Girl Festival set to premiere its first celebration of Black women, Fringe Frequency

October 2017: Sierra Leone Festival to Celebrate the Nation’s Excellence, Fringe Frequency

September 2017: This Week’s Top Exhibitions, A-N.co.uk

September 2017: The Social Centres Roundup, Freedom News (Referencing Common House)

June 2017: Fighting Gentrification: Watch Siana Bangura’s ‘Denim’, For Creative Girls

May 2017#LLA Under-25 Spotlight – “I’m really not one to take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to my career and creativity” Siana Bangura, Leading Ladies of Africa

May 2017: Watch ‘Denim’, Siana Bangura’s short film on gentrification, Konbini

May 2017: Five Things Inspiring Poet, Publisher, and Activist Siana Bangura right now, The Bookseller

May 2017: #BlossomsOfTheMoment feature in MOBO

May 2017: Watch Siana Bangura’s short film ‘Denim’, about London’s displaced communities (Fringe Frequency)

September 2016: A Spotlight on Inspirational People of Colour, by Shades of Noir

September 2016: The New Generation of Poets Mastering DIY Culture, Dazed Digital

July 2016: Wretch 32 & Swiss Remind Us That Black British Lives Matter, Gal-dem

July 2016: A Conversation with Wretch 32 About Police Brutality, Noisey

May 2016: ‘I put pen to paper and a river of blood poured from me’, IC3 Mag

May 2016: Fly Library (featuring ‘Elephant’)

April 2016: The London Poet Celebrating Black Britishness, Dazed Digital

December 2015: Listed as One To Watch in 2016 by True Africa

December 2015: Quoted in article on Being Black British and visiting ‘home’, by Tholani Alli

October 2015: Black History Month tour featured as one of Afrokanist Magazine’s ten exciting things to look forward to this October

October 2015: Featured in list of (Black) British poets to celebrate Black History Month and National Poetry Day on October 8th (featured at number 9)

October 2015: Interview with Kai Lutterodt of ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ – An Urban Guide discussing freelance journalism and networking

August 2015: Interview with Munir Bello at The Breakup Recipe  (Feature of the week)

July 2015: Silenced on Campus, Index on Censorship

July 2015: Quoted in  Consented UK article on anti-blackness and Islamaphobia in South Asian communities, by Amit Singh

June 2015: 10 Black British Women Who Are Killing It In Their Fields (Featured at number 7)

April 2015: 5 Female African Bloggers To Follow on Twitter (Featured at number 4)

February 2015: Creative Crowd Interview, by Lisa Jane Boyle

Jan 2015: 10 Things African Londoners Can Look Forward To In 2015 (Featured at number 7)

July 2013: 100 of Britain and Ireland’s Secular Thinkers You Should Know About, Who Aren’t White Men (Featured at number 10)