Siana Bangura is a writer, blogger, public speaker and freelance journalist hailing from South East London. She is an award-winning poet and performer: her debut collection of poetry, ‘Elephant’, was published in May 2016 by the Haus of Liberated Reading. Siana is a producer, working across film and theatre and is currently producing the upcoming film, ‘1500 & Counting’, investigating police brutality and deaths in custody in the UK.  Siana is also the founder and editor of Black Feminist platform, No Fly on the WALL. Having worked with an eclectic array or organisations over the last five years, Siana’s portfolio of work focuses on bringing underrepresented voices from the margins to the centre. Her creative work, extensive writing, and community organising focus on highlighting and centring marginalised voices – like hers – empowering them to take up space and be visible on their own terms. Siana has been recognised by MOBO, The Bookseller, VICE, Dazed, Elle, NU People Magazine, Hustle and Heels, The Voice, True Africa, Buzzfeed, and the BBC, among others, for her powerful voice, conviction, and commitment to working towards meaningful inclusivity and positive change in Britain and beyond. She was nominated for the 2016 Nu People x Hustle and Heels Inspire Award and holds a History degree from the University of Cambridge. Siana is an international public speaker, performing and presenting papers most recently in Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Photo by Susuana Amoah
Photo by Susuana Amoah


‘A powerful emerging voice on London’s poetry circuit… Bangura is making a path for writers who don’t want to compromise their creativity, championing a DIY path to getting work out there for people to read… Bangura’s Elephant is semi-autobiographical, covering the politics swirling around black womanhood, from childhood experiences of colourism to adult encounters with direct racial hatred, and the memory of immigration to London from Sierra Leone. Bangura explains the conscious link between forging a DIY route, and the experience of minorities navigating the traditionally white space of literary publishing.’ – Anna DeWolf, Dazed


Photo by Susuana Amoah
Photo by Susuana Amoah


Women Who Rocked The World in 2015‘:

‘These breath-taking, astute, fierce, resilient, considered sisters make me really excited about what the future for women of colour in the UK could look like.

‘[Siana’s] candid account of the incident on social media helped uncover the underbelly of the UK racism which is often swept under the ‘illusion of inclusion’ carpet. We have to keep telling our stories, to keep our humanity thriving and prevent others from overstepping our boundaries.’ – Simone Bresi-Ando, The Voice, January 2016


Photo by Adama Jalloh



Poetry Meets Arts

‘[She] is one seriously amazing force to reckon with. This prolific blogger, spoken word artist, poet, writer and women’s rights activist is more than just a cute face and fashionista – her lyrics run deep with meaning and touch a raw nerve that allows us all to connect with each other on the most simple, yet intricate level – as human beings. And then there’s her sweet and demure performance style that is captivating, simply allowing her words and unique flow to seep into her soul one minute and the next sweep you into a hurricane of letters!’ – Emma Ako, Carpe Diem Nights, September 2015



Pundersons Gardens - Photo by Jendella
Photo by Jendella Benson


Highlights and selected press:


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Jacobs University, 2015, Bremen, Germany
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