Siana Bangura is a writer, blogger, and freelance journalist from London. She is also an award-winning poet. Her debut collection of poetry will be published via the Haus of Liberated Reading in May 2016.


Women Who Rocked The World in 2015‘:

‘These breath-taking, astute, fierce, resilient, considered sisters make me really excited about what the future for women of colour in the UK could look like.

‘[Siana’s] candid account of the incident on social media helped uncover the underbelly of the UK racism which is often swept under the ‘illusion of inclusion’ carpet. We have to keep telling our stories, to keep our humanity thriving and prevent others from overstepping our boundaries.’ – Simone Bresi-Ando, The Voice, January 2016


Poetry Meets Arts

‘[She] is one seriously amazing force to reckon with. This prolific blogger, spoken word artist, poet, writer and women’s right activist is more than just a cute face and fashionista – her lyrics run deep with meaning and touch a raw nerve that allows us all to connect with each other on the most simple, yet intricate level – as human beings. And then there’s her sweet and demure performance style that is captivating, simply allowing her words and unique flow to seep into her soul one minute and the next sweep you into into a hurricane of letters!’ – Emma Ako, Carpe Diem Nights, September 2015

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